You love your dog, but sometimes they can be a difficult roommate.

Learn how to channel your dog's mischief so you can enjoy a calmer home life.

Does your dog...

  • Steal your socks or shoes when you're trying to get ready?

  • Chew anything they can get their mouth on?

  • Struggle to relax or behave around guests?

  • Want to play the moment you sit down?

  • Chase or herd you, your kids, or other pets?

  • Have trouble settling down in the evening?

If yes, you are NOT alone!

All dog parents struggle with these issues (even certified dog trainers like us!). But, most people are missing a critical step to resolving these issues: ENRICHMENT.

The first thing we teach our training clients is how enrichment can prevent unwanted behaviors. We want dog parents everywhere to benefit from this knowledge, so we wrote this eBook for YOU!

Give Your Dog A Job

Canine Enrichment Guide

This 13-page eBook explains what canine enrichment is and how you can use it to resolve common dog behavior concerns.

What's Inside...

Tailored Solutions

Get simple solutions that target your dog's unique needs and prevent common problems.

Real Life Strategies

Optimize your time by following our tips for fitting enrichment in your routine.

Favorite Supplies List

Save money by shopping our curated list of supplies that we vouch for and dogs love.

What You'll Learn...

  • What truly drives your dog

  • Which activities provide an outlet for for natural dog behaviors

  • How to fill your dog's emotional cup

  • How to provide exercise that leaves your dog feeling more relaxed

  • How to use enrichment strategically so you have more time and energy


"The Canine Enrichment Guide has vastly improved my relationship with my dog."

She's an adult, reactive working dog with dietary restrictions, so I used the guide to identify her inclined behaviors and chose toys/activities based on that. It has been an investment well worth it to see her tired, happy, and capable of better relating to her surroundings. I didn't think it was possible to have my dog this happy and healthy again given her issues!

~ Millie M. & Poppy

Don't Let Your Dog Spend Another Day Bored & Unemployed.